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Stellans is my new story of printed decor,
dedicated to high-end mural art lovers.

Stellans works alongside designers, architects and decorators to enrich decorative concepts and to enchant spaces in a new way. Between modernity and exuberance, Stellans reinstates the printed decor in the heart of private and professional spaces.

Stellans WallcoveringWalls and corridors, fixed and mobile partitions become exhibition surfaces. Durable or ephemeral, Stellans wall coverings defy monotony and reveal unexpected perspectives. With two-tone, tone-on-tone and lush compositions, Stellans signs a return to the pleasure of the eyes and to exuberant, bubbly colour.

Paper, metal, composites,… and light are some means I wish to experiment thus providing a new vision for mural decor.

In my opinion, the set should be alive, dynamic and should offer a visual or physical experience, with which it is possible to interact. Therefore I include Time, Light and Movement in my wall designs. Seasons by Stellans and InLite by Stellans are the first two programmes dedicated to this vision.

Mural art is the second side of the same coin, a simple extension of my academic work. I wish to open the border between art and design.  I consider interior surfaces as formats ready to receive a piece of visual art, like a private exhibition, durable or ephemeral. Although mural art is generally classified as decorative art , I often recall that this medium of expression has been approached by many masters of drawing and painting.

“I strive to open the border between art and design, to decompartmentalise academic and applied arts.

With waIl decors, I hope we can see more vivid works than those that are framed, sometimes lost in the surface on which they are nailed“.

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Private installation (2020)
Jeff Gwegan - Cyclopæ Stellans Wallcovering
Cyclopæ wallpaper Series (2021) Part of Stellans Wallcovering Collection 2021/22
Jeff Gwegan - White Not series Stellans Wallcovering
White Not wallpaper Series (2021) Part of Stellans Wallcovering Collection 2021/22
Vertigo wallpaper Series (2021) – Part of Stellans Wallcovering Collection for offices and companies