Faces | Two Women

Women | Annah by Jeff Gwegan
Women | Faces by Jeff Gwegan
Marizah, Annah | Faces | Two Women by Jeff Gwegan
“Marizah, Annah.
Two non-existent women
Out of my mind.

Two unreal portraits.
Lines, shadows,…
Two living labyrinths?

Cells, lines,
networks, labyrinths.
Is what I see real?

Does my drawing allow me
To see beyond?

A patient observation
To understand shadows
Then lights“.

Marizah & Annah | Two Portraits

Size: 63x85cm framed (each)

Coal piezography
on Kozo paper by Awagami
x8 print run

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Notice: the third portrait “Seniah” is part of my personal collection.