Equafortis | Drawings

Equafortis#2 by Jeff Gwegan

Equafortis#3 by Jeff Gwegan
Equafortis#4 by Jeff Gwegan
Equafortis, 1, 2, 3 and 4 by Jeff Gwegan | A series of 4 drawings and 2 paintings ending the series | 2017 | 95x130cm
”Cells, lines, networks, labyrinths. Is what I see real? Does my drawing allow me to see beyond?

— A patient observation to understand matter”.

Equafortis | A series of 4 drawings

Note: Two paintings are added to this series of drawings

Size: 95x130cm framed

High definition digigraphy on Fine Art paper by Hahnemühle
x8 print run for each

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