Urban Alligator

Urban Alligator by Jeff Gwegan
detail 2 - Urban Alligator by Jeff Gwegan

Urban Alligator by Jeff Gwegan (full view then progressive details)| 2016 | 145x200cm
“If symmetries and duplications appear quite clearly in the geometry I propose, I do not want them to impose static images.

As a retinal artist I wish the viewer could lose his visual references then drown into my images”.

Colors and contrasts amplify the movement of my creations, that is at the core of my work.

Moreover, some of my images retain realistic elements, everyday things can be recognized or interpreted: you see them, understand them, but distortion modifies their reality”.

Urban Alligator #3

Size: 145x200cm framed

High definition digigraphy on Fine Art paper
Single original

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