Persona | Three self portraits

The Latin word persona referred to the mask of the actor. Then it meant the character or role.

“Person” and its derivatives are derived from it. Carl Gustav Jung uses this term again around 1920 to refer to a psychic instance of adaptation of the singular human being to social norms.

In a very general way, the persona is the mask that every individual wears to meet the demands of life in society. The persona gives every social subject a triple opportunity to play: “to appear in such and such a light”, “to hide behind such and such a mask”, “to construct a face and a behaviour to make a bulwark of it” (Dialogue of the self and the unconscious).

Persona #1 (detail) | 2019 | 104x156cm

We take a face of circumstance, we play a social role, we differentiate ourselves by a title, as many effects of this psychic function that the persona covers. If the meaning of “mask” seems to carry a negative connotation, in fact the persona corresponds to a general function of socialization whose “deception” aspect is more the exception than the rule.

Persona #2 (detail) | 2019 | 104x156cm

This task of social integration requires a considerable investment of energy. It forces us to hide whole areas of our inner life and to leave almost all of our creative possibilities untapped.


Persona #3 (detail) | 2020 | 104x156cm
Three personæ | 2020 | 104x156cm

Size: 104x156cm framed

High definition digigraphy on Fine Art paper
Single originals

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